Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd annual "get juiced" workshop

what:  "get juiced" workshop
when:  sunday, july 21st 1-3pm
where:  811 fenwick avenue, morgantown, wv 26505

in this workshop you will:

  • learn the benefits of juicing
  • find the perfect ratio of veggies to fruits to keep your blood sugar from spiking sky high
  • learn the difference between juicing versus blending
  • get information on the best juicers on the market today for every budget
  • understand how to keep your pH balanced
  • what ingredients to add to make a "green" juice
  • using extra ingredients to give your juice an extra zing
  • taste test a difference between organic and non-organic
  • figure out what to do with your left over pulp
  • receive "get juiced" the manual with ton of juice recipes guaranteed to make your taste buds dance + all the above mentioned information


$35 for one person
$50 for you and a friend
$20 if you attended the 1st annual "get juiced" workshop (per person)
$15 if you just want the "get juiced" manual (please note after receiving payment the pdf will be emailed)

"get juiced" workshop

if you have any questions, don't hesitate to email:
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