Monday, July 22, 2013

"get juiced" manual

if you missed the workshop but still want information about juicing, you can still purchase a copy of the 41 page "get juiced" manual for only $15.

the manual covers:

  • learn the benefits of juicing
  • find the perfect ratio of veggies to fruits to keep your blood sugar from spiking sky high
  • learn the difference between juicing versus blending
  • get information on the best juicers on the market today for every budget
  • understand how to keep your pH balanced
  • what ingredients to add to make a "green" juice
  • using extra ingredients to give your juice an extra zing
  • figure out what to do with your left over pulp
  • get 41 juice recipes to start your journey

all of this and more for only $15

*please note that your manual will be emailed after payment has been received - this won't happen automatically since it's just little ol' me doing all the back end stuff.**  :)

image credit me