Tuesday, April 27, 2010

and i'm off...

to the carolinas!

i am heading out with my dear friend lela to the carolinas.

first stop, charlotte, nc

and then onto sunny myrtle beach, sc

i'm excited to be traveling with my friend and even more excited to travel to two places i've never been before.

so, dear friends, i have a few questions to pose to you...

is there anything MUST-SEE and MUST-DO in these cities? anyone know of a place to get my yoga on? any tried & true places to eat? anything i must see before i leave?

thanks in advance for your comments! i promise to have pics of my own up before you know it!

until next time, i bid you ado. hope your tuesday is tranquil and the rest of your week wonderful. hugs!!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

monday moment of zen

there are thousands upon thousands of students
who have practiced meditation and obtained its fruits.
do not doubt its possibilities because of the simplicity of the method.
if you can not find the truth right where you are,
where else do you expect to find it?

~ dogen

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Friday, April 23, 2010

stop and smell the flowers

when is the last time you took the time to stop and smell the flowers?

Thursday, April 22, 2010

earth day

i spent earth day walking around my neighborhood and soaking up mother nature's beauties. how did you spend earth day?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


again the violet bows to the lily.
again, the rose is tearing off her gown!

the green ones have come from the other world,
tipsy like the breeze up to some new foolishness.

again near the top of the mountain
the anemone's sweet features appear.

the hyacinth speaks formally to the jasmine,
peace be with you. and peace to you lad!
come walk with me in this meadow.
again there are sufis everywhere

the bud is shy, but the wind removes
her veil suddenly, my friend!

the friend is here like water in the stream,
like a lotus in the water

the narcissus winks at the wisteria,
whenever you say.

and the clove to the willow, you are the one i hope for.
the willow replies, consider these chambers of mine yours. welcome!

the apple, orange why the frown?
so that those who mean harm do not see my beauty.

the rindove comes asking, where, where is the friend?

with one note the nightingale indicates the rose.

again the season of spring has come and a spring-source
rises under everything, a moon sliding from the shadows.

many things must be left unsaid, because it's late, but whatever
conversation we haven't had tonight, we'll have tomorrow.

~ a poem by rumi
~ translated by coleman barks

Monday, April 19, 2010

monday moment of zen

"living your epitaph may be the most important ingredient for inner peace and serenity. when you actively align your choices with your life's purpose and goals, you live more honestly, more courageously, and with greater integrity, and these virtues bring with them a powerful kind of freedom."
~ zoe weil

please feel free to share what your goals are and what action steps you are taking to reach your goals? namaste

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Friday, April 16, 2010

if every morning could be like this

oh how i wish every morning could be like this...

i woke up naturally at 6:30am and felt completely rested (for once).

i was able to do my mantra and meditate.

knowing that ryan has to get up around 7am to get ready to go to work, i decided to surprise him by making him breakfast. in which he promptly told me that when he went to bed everything was normal and when he woke up - he woke up in the twilight zone (he completed this act with song from youtube - insert my "meh" here lol).

we shared a lovely breakfast of eggs, toast and fresh strawberries & blackberries, orange juice, coffee (for him) and green tea (for me).

it was a lovely morning.... i wish all mornings could be like this. now off to walk the dog.

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Monday, April 12, 2010

artist's date picnic

i've been enjoying kimberly wilson's tranquilista e-course very much.

i've also been having a blast playing with my visual journal.

if you know kimberly, then you know she's a big fan of 'omwork.' omwork is what kimberly coined is homework with a yogic twist. so, it's beneficial and fun!

during our most recent class, part of our 'omwork' was to go on an artist's date. i realized that i haven't gone on an artist's date in a very long time.

so, i gathered my gear and headed for my backyard
a nice lunch
a nice view
and a good companion for a lovely afternoon. (now, i realize that an artist's date is supposed to be solo, but i don't think i'll get any complaints for my date)
and let the creativity flow
of course there was much snuggling
and kisses
(and yes, that is a roll of toilet paper you see there... between all of the allergies & recent nose bleeds i figure i'd better be prepared -boo!)

cadyn and i had a wonderful artist's date - just the two of us.

monday moment of zen

watch your thoughts; they become words.
watch your words; they become actions.
watch your actions; they become habits.
watch your habits; they become character.
watch your character; for it becomes your destiny.
~ the upanishads

everything in life starts from a simple form. take a moment today, watch your thoughts, and see what you find. namaste

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Monday, April 5, 2010

monday moment of zen

"when you follow your bliss...
doors will open where you would
not have thought there would be doors;
and where there wouldn't be
a door for anyone else."

~ joseph campbell

what small thing can you do today to follow your bliss? namaste

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