Monday, April 19, 2010

monday moment of zen

"living your epitaph may be the most important ingredient for inner peace and serenity. when you actively align your choices with your life's purpose and goals, you live more honestly, more courageously, and with greater integrity, and these virtues bring with them a powerful kind of freedom."
~ zoe weil

please feel free to share what your goals are and what action steps you are taking to reach your goals? namaste

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Rachel @ Suburban Yogini said...

Woah! This is the second post today I've read asking me to share my goals. I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

Right now I'm trying to write and sell a book proposal. I'm hoping the more times I write that down the more I'll believe in it.

I also want to open a healthy living space - a yoga and pilates studio with vegan cafe which can host events like book clubs and poetry readings.

And I want to live in Australia.

The first and the third I'm working on. The second is being planned in my head right now!

Analiese Marie said...

What synchronicity! I've been formulating a blog post on aligning even our "small" everyday choices with our life's higher purpose/goals.

My current goals include: continuing along my path toward personal health/wellness, pursuing opportunities for me to impact other's journeys (one in particular!), and committing more time to my writing and other creative projects.

Lisa said...

Active alignment...I adore that.

Strangely, I am finding that by setting goals I am learning how to let go of them. It is a fascinating process of moving forward yet being fully content with right here, right now.

I'm training for the mini, boosting my new site, immersing myself in creative exploration, enjoying the sunshine with the kiddos, and dreaming of healthier foods...letting each of these "goals" be just as fluid as the moment in which I set them.

Such a beautiful blog you keep!!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love a dry Zen garden -- look how beautifully crafted those spirals are!

Susanna said...

Thank you for this post today and Lisa I love the way you say "letting each of these "goals" be just as fluid as the moment in which I set them." I've just written about my "pledges" in life (rather than goals). I might continue writing about this is that vein of thought. Melita: my internal critic doesn't want me to be free and it does everything it can to stop me. I'm going to keep this quote close to me for a long time as I begin to make writing my career. Thanks!

stephanie alaine said...

wow, beautifully paired image and quote. i am VERY much attune to this wavelength, often pairing the tiny choices *quiet smiles, touch, listening with integrity* with bigger choices *wholesome foods, frivolous adventures, authentic love*. i feel it truly is all integrated and i want to align myself with that connectedness in all that i do!

that being said, my goals right now are to adjust to my new schedule with personal integrity & loads of grace, to make time for what matters most (wellness coaching, my personal wellness, relationships) and ultimately: to be the flow. to be open to others' energy and to share mine. action steps...hmm, i'm too tired ;)

i've been looking forward to your zen monday post all day! so glad i finally got time to check!!!

Elisse said...

I will have to reflect on this "moment of zen" for a bit, particularly being conscientious that I need to align my choices with my purpose and goals. This quote is timely for me, as I can see it affecting where I'm at in my workplace. Thanks!!!

P.S. - I've made a special link to your blog in my latest post, so when you get the chance, I hope you can check it out!