Thursday, April 14, 2011

thankful thursday

today i'm thankful for:

getting the majority of my taxes done yesterday (with the help of my friend tamara who is a godsend!! thank you tamara!!)

still feeling awesome from a 90 minute massage yesterday - i especially enjoyed the reflexology part

gearing up to go teach a hot vinyasa class 6-7pm tonight at blissblissbliss

as well as give a few bowenwork sessions

and seeing my favorite flowers blooming all over morgantown

what are you thankful for on this beautiful thursday?

hugs & _/\_

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Elisse said...

There's always something to be thankful for! I'm grateful for a very understanding supervisor who recognizes when I need time to work on important projects!

Angela and Jeffrey said...

I'm thankful for a beautiful day... the flowers I planted last fall actually blooming.. the bowenwork I got Tuesday... the meditation class I took yesterday.. and hoping I make Hot Yoga tonight...

AnnMarie Burrows said...

I am thankful for the beautiful day and the lovely ride that my fiance and I took through the Regular Virginia countryside. Then we went shopping, and that is always something to be thankful for lol Especially @ Target :) Now home, I am reading up on Nose Rings and their historical signifigance. Then off to get my nose ring tonight.

Googlover/keishua said...

great list. I am thankful that I got my homework done, that I got sit outside and journal.