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bowenwork 4 part series - part 4 - sessions, what to expect, other details

lower back procedure

thanks for your continued reading about bowenwork. if you are just tuning in or need to catch up, you can read:

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and to put the finishing touches on this bowenwork 4 part series, today i'll tell you in with some more details, like what to expect during a session, frequently asked questions, etc.

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how long does a session last?

the length of a session is completely dependent on the unique individuals needs for that session. usually a session lasts between 30 - 90 minutes from start to finish.

do i get completely undressed like i would for a massage?

no, bowenwork practitioners can work through light clothing (think t-shirt or tank top & shorts or yoga pants). personally i prefer to work though light clothing unless the clothing hinders the movement.

is there any oil used like massage?

no oil, creams or lotions are used in a bowenwork session. this makes it super easy for the office professional to slip out for a longer lunch to get a session and go back to the office completely relaxed without a head full of oil like sometimes happens with massage.

how often will i need to come in for sessions?

again, this is something that is entirely dependent upon your unique situation. we will book 2 sessions approximately a week apart from each other to set the foundation of the work. during this time frame, the body will begin the healing process and a lot of symptoms will diminish in severity or completely.

if there is an injury and you have a bowenwork session right away then maybe only two or three sessions will be needed. the first two to help the body to prevent from compensating for the injury and initiate the body's healing mechanisms so that the healing process isn't as long. a third session may be needed a few weeks later to do a tune-up just to ensure the body is healing properly and that chronic issues will not be formed.

if you have been dealing with a chronic issue then more sessions may be needed as you have been dealing with your illness or disease for a length of time. the first two to three sessions are structured similar to what i mentioned above but we may need to continue for several more weeks to help the body get to the root cause of your illness/disease.

upper back procedure

can bowenwork help me recover from a recent surgery?

yes! it is optimal to see a bowenwork practitioner for one or two sessions before going into surgery to relax and prepare the body for what's to come. the body interprets a surgery as a trauma and by receiving bowenwork before can help ease the trauma that is to come. getting bowenwork after a surgery is hugely important to help your healing process. try to schedule your bowenwork session approximately 3-7 days after your surgery (depending on how invasive the surgery was).

how soon should i notice results?

most people start to see results after their first session. it may not be the exact results that they are looking for but the body is doing the best that it can to heal. somethings need to be eliminated or diminished before the body can heal the condition/illness/disease you are seeking relief from.

what if i don't notice any results?

some results are happening but they may be on such a smaller scale that you may not be able to recognize them immediately. that is why bowenwork practitioners will ask that you give it at least 3 sessions before making a decision of whether bowenwork is working for you or not. after 3 sessions if you don't see any results then bowenwork might not be the therapy for you. we don't claim to fix, cure or heal anything and we are not claiming that bowenwork is for everyone. we are only giving your body the messages that it needs to initiate it's own healing. there are plenty of modalities out there and i am sure that if you keep looking you will find the right one for you.

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what do i expect to happen in a session? do i need to bring anything?

your first session starts with an intake form and we will discuss the issues that you are trying to resolve. each session afterwards we will talk briefly about any changes you've noticed from your last session and see if we are still on target with the goals we set.

you need to bring some light clothing (as previously mentioned), some water to drink after your session and an open mind. try to let go of any expectations you may have and let your body do the healing.

ok, so you've definitely piqued my interest, how do i find a bowenwork practitioner?

if you are in the morgantown, wv or surrounding area, you can contact me directly. my email is

if you are not in the morgantown area, but are in the united states, please visit the bowenwork academy usa page.

if you are not in the united states, you can still visit the bowenwork academy usa page to search the country you are in.

if you have any questions, concerns, comments, please don't hesitate to let me know in either the comments below or send me an email.

hugs & namaste!

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