Monday, July 2, 2012

"get juiced" workshop

juicing is one of the fastest and best ways to hydrate your body, help build a healthy immune system, reduce inflammation, and add a wider variety of veggies & fruits to your diet.

in this workshop you will:
  • learn the benefits of juicing
  • find the perfect ratio of veggies to fruits to keep your blood sugar from spiking sky high
  • learn the difference between juicing versus blending
  • get information on the best juicers on the market today for every budget
  • understand how to keep your pH balanced
  • what ingredients to add to make a "green" juice
  • using extra ingredients to give your juice an extra zing
  • taste test a difference between organic and non-organic
  • figure out what to do with your left over pulp
  • receive "get juiced" the manual with ton of juice recipes guaranteed to make your taste buds dance + all the above mentioned information

if you make it to the actual workshop you will get to watch juices being made & enjoy a taste test of different juices (almost all organic).

what:  "get juiced" workshop
when:  sunday, july 15th 1-3pm
where:  811 fenwick avenue, morgantown, wv 26505

there are two options for those of you in town:

$35 for you to attend the workshop  
$50  for you and a friend to attend the workshop

(organic produce will be purchased for this workshop)

there is an online option for those who are unable to attend the workshop due to being out of town or in another part of the world.  for $20 you will receive the pdf of the manual just before the workshop and join us via live-stream on the internet on the day of the workshop.

fuel your desire to live a healthier, happier life by joining me on the road to juicing.  hope to see you there!!

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