Wednesday, October 27, 2010

traveling that same stretch of road

last week as i drove down the same stretch of road that i've traveled hundreds, probably thousands of times before i felt nostalgia wash over me. i went back to the place where i grew up. where my parents still happily live.

i thought about all of the things both good and not so great that has happened to me and that i dealt with growing up. driving down certain stretches of this road my heart pinged with pain from the thought of a fight with a former lover or i giggled to myself in remember something silly that my best friend and i did.

i come from a very, very small town. in fact, it really isn't a town at all. there is only one little country grocery store that also sells gas. a couple of stop signs but no stop lights. there aren't many people. and as the saying goes, if you don't know what you're doing at least your neighbors do. :) yes, it was a small town indeed.

when traveling with my parents as a child, i used to be ashamed of telling people where i was from because i thought people would look down on us "west virginia hillbillies." but once i got older and started traveling more on my own i realized that it wasn't so bad. there were places and people just like us everywhere.

now i am proud to call west virginia my home. we may not be a rich state and our politics may be a little skewed but really, who's isn't?? i have not always called west virginia home. i have lived elsewhere before and will probably live elsewhere again. but i will always call west virginia my home.

since i unfortunately didn't get a photo of my own: image credit


Karen D said...

lovely post about travelling down memory lane.. and I have family in West Virginia and it is beautiful country!

Hollee Temple said...

You're right that there's a bit of backwoods everywhere. Did I ever tell you that my given name is Hollee Jo? Hollee Jo Schwartz, backwoods Jew. Can't wait to see you on Friday. Loved this post!

Carolyn said...

This post reminds me of that song... "Country road... take me home... to the place I belong... West Virginia..."

Andi said...

West Virginia is BEAUTIFUL you should be proud :-)