Wednesday, June 22, 2011

5 things

5 things to make your wednesday more wonderful

send a friend a snail mail card to let her know you are thinking about her
offer to walk your neighbor's dog

start an art journal

take an hour or two to browse a bookstore by yourself

set 1 monthly goal & stick to it

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Angela and Jeffrey said...

Awesome list!! Plan to do them ALL!

keishua said...

lovely list. I especially love the last two items. There is nothing like getting lost in a bookstore.

Elisse said...

Ooh - I think I'll set a monthly goal right now!

Micaela said...

melita, these ideas are precious! and of my own heart.. snail mail and walking your neighbor's dog? added with the book store? YES PLEASE!!! :) My favorites for sure.


Anonymous said...

Browsing the bookstore is just about my favorite thing to do. Ever. Latte, books, and nothing but time! :)