Sunday, July 3, 2011

sunday surprise

if you follow me on twitter then you might have saw my 4 tweet post about the little fledgling visit. sometimes a girl needs more than 140 characters!! so, i decided to share the pics and make a nice post of it. (warning, lots of absolutely adorable pics!)

i had trouble sleeping last night due to some meds i've been put on because of my nasty sinus infection. i got all of 1 hour sleep before a thunderstorm rolled in and scared my little pup, cadyn. so i stayed up and consoled her but well after the storm had passed, i couldn't get back to sleep. that was somewhere around 2am(ish). so around 6am i figured i'd take another pass at getting some zzz's and managed successful for almost another 3 hours.

i was tweeting back and forth with fran sussman and keishua about not getting much sleep and the possibility of trying to take a nap later in the day. and here's where the fun begins...

during my nap, i woke up to more thunder. knowing that i didn't want to over-nap in hopes of good sleep tonight, i decided to get up and go watch the storm. i grabbed ryan & we headed out to our back (uncovered) deck. wanting to get a better view of the storm that was swirling around us, we headed out to the front yard. once it started to rain we hung out on the tiny front (covered) porch and watched it rain. the porch is currently home to my scooter (which is for sale by the way - cute little thing isn't it?!) and ryan's bicycle. and on ryan's bicycle spokes was this adorable little fella.

it startled me at first because i hadn't realized it was there. so i called for ryan to come back out with some blueberries and bread.

loves the blueberry

but the bread, not so much (although you can't tell by this pic)

i truly enjoyed playing mama for a little while. :) after feeding time (aka 1 blueberry) it was time for a nap.

he could barely keep his little eyes open

a power nap is just what was in store

~a few more pics after nappy time~

ruffling his feathers

some nice stretching

taking care of an itch

after his little nap, we heard him chirp. the sweet thing!! then we notice that mama is starting to come around too.

a first further away

and then a little closer

we listened to them both chirp and yep, that was mama. she was probably yelling at him for talking to strangers. ;)

and so, as much as i would have liked to kept him, i sent him back to his real mama.

the sweet thing! such a treat to experience nature that close and personal!!

hugs & namaste

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TheAnalyst said...

So precious!

AnnMarie Burrows said...

so sweet! and yes, I felt kind of like that when I nursed a tiny 3 week old kitten back to health after finding him alone on the side of the road. Shame that at the time I was unable to keep him. He went to a good home and is hopefully doing well. :)

etre-soi said...

so sweet love stories like these :)