Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what i've noticed

wvu in front of the mountain lair

starting this past monday, i have re-entered wvu once again.

apparently a lot has changed since i graduated with my accounting degree back in 2005.

somethings i have noticed since being on campus:

- return of 'kids' smoking... what's is this about?! seriously, i have never seen SO many college kids smoking. did this suddenly become cool and i'm just now hearing about it??

- what happened to all of the starbucks cups and kids drinking coffee? when i was in college everyone used drink coffee and always had a coffee cup attached to them (what seemed like permanently).

- one last thing... what's up with the 80s style side ponytails?! i guess that's now fashionable as well?!

being a "non-trad" aka a non-traditional student, i'm SO outta the game. :)

image credit my android phone


steff! (steff says) said...

while i am not a fan of smoking (and AM a fan of coffee) i must admit that I do rock the side ponytail on regular basis. but always a low side pony...those high ones are just too much!

Melita said...

yes, i'm personally trying to bring back the coffee cup. :) and i do love me some low side ponytails, however what' i'm noticing is the higher 80s style.... what's up with that?! :)

TheAnalyst said...

Melita, I hope you love being back even while being non-traditional! Yes, the side-80s ponytails are back, often paired up with jeggins. Thankfully, being a grad student and child of the 80s allows me to get away with not having that style. And definitely bring back the coffee! While I can tell you, that even though there is a Starbucks right across from the School of Ed where my dept is located, you won't always find me with a Starbucks cup. But, that is because my office has a Keurig! Woo! Free coffee for me!

Anonymous said...

Working in a university I also notice the changing trends (and the differences from when i was a student). What do people drink now if coffee is not in vogue?! Good luck with your studies x

Elisse said...

Congrats on your return to school! And yes, I am saddened that the coffee cup trend has died. Maybe you'll resurrect it?

Brittany said...

Just started grad school here and noticed the coffee thing too...I think it's just WVU because where I went to college we were all chugging as much coffee as we could when we could. Weird--thought my mind was just playing tricks on me!

Anyway, found your blog because I'm a fellow foodie from a much bigger city and feeling like I'm dying inside living in Morgantown. Also, how does someone older than 18-21 meet people in this town? Everyone seems so...young. =(

Melita said...

brittany - when i was at wvu for undergrad there were definitely waaay more coffee drinking going on. strange... we will have to meet up sometime and i can give you the highlights of the best places to eat in motown. send me an email. :)

Brittany said...

that sounds fun! =)