Tuesday, January 3, 2012

word of the year

welcome to 2012! i am more excited for this year than i have been the past several years. there's just something about 2012, i have a gut feeling that this year is going to be awesome!

for the past 4 years, i have chosen a word of the year. a word that is my collective overall goal for that year. let's take a little jog down memory lane to see where i've come from.

2009 my word was "focus." i was laid off from my accounting job and knew the accounting field just wasn't for me. my soulful, creative self was dying inside everyday i was in that office with my green visor on and counting on my abacus (HA!! ok, clearly this wasn't exactly what i did, but it sure felt like it!). :)

i need to focus in on what made me tick, what i loved, and what my purpose was. during my stint of unemployment, i really took time to explore myself (swadhyaya for you yogi(ni)s out there). i was seeking my authentic self.

2010 i couldn't decide on just one word, so i went for two: abundance & positivity!
i was changing my life, getting rid of negative situations, relationships, etc. i filled my life with an abundance of positivity. i started my massage therapy career and becoming a better yoga teacher.

2011 my word was manifest. and i did. just. that. i switched gears from massage into bowenwork. i manifested an amazing bowenwork practice and now i'm looking to open the morgantown bowenwork clinic. i'm still working on my website but i've got a sweet little facebook page here and a twitter account already set up. :)

and so, my word for 2012 is.....

because i'm going to make all of my visions, dreams, goals, and planning into a huge success!!

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shinyyoga said...

LOVE IT! I just know you will too!! Good luck and I can't wait to hear and read how it all unfolds x

Elisse said...

OOOh! Manifest away, my friend!!! I just starting choosing a theme for my year in 2011, and I love it!! This year I'm "Standing Tall" :)

Happy new year!

TheAnalyst said...

Love it! Such positivity in all!

I have yet to come up with my word, but I feel it will come to me soon.

YogaG33k said...

Yay Melita!! I love how you've manifested every word of the year you've had and I can't wait to see how "success" manifests for you! xo

Leslie said...

Hi, Melita. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! Wishing you loads of Success in 2012! Namaste'

Karen Beth said...

Love your word! Love your blog! I'll be following along and cheering you on! :)

Mindy said...

Great word! I know you will have heaps of success this year! Can't wait to hear all about your adventures :)



Jessica said...

YES you are!
I love you and your powerful visions!