Wednesday, June 3, 2009

thoughts from a resting place

as i lay in bed this morning (instead of the usual off studying in a cafe) due to my sciatic nerve bothering me, i was pondering this and that. in the midst of all thing pondering i thought of a question to ask you.

when you post on your blog, do you have anyone else help?

for example, i will usually either read out loud to ryan my post or have him do a quick read before publishing. that way i avoid stupid mistakes and make sure i don't sound like a loon. :) now while this doesn't happen all of the time, as long as he is around, i put him to work!! and just an fyi, he isn't here right now so if there are any mistakes it's all on me. ;)

do you guys get any help from boyfriend/girlfriend/parents/siblings/friends, etc or am i the only one?

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City Girl said...

For me to it depends - sometimes I show him a post before putting it up, often I don't. If he's around, it's likely I will show him a post,but logistically, I blog when he's off doing something else - you know? He's been great about taking some of the pictures for it though - esp when it's food items and I am still cooking but something needs to be photographed.

Serafina said...

Never. Well, sometimes I'll put up photos Husband has taken, but we don't really collaborate on Edgehill House. He has his own blog for his own thoughts.
My daughter will sometimes ask me not to write about things, but so far she hasn't shown any interest in inspecting what I write before it goes up.
And I am not overly concerned about sounding loony either, being loony is part of my charm. :)

Emily said...

Hey there, sweets! No, I usualy just hit Post and then end up correcting lots of errors later on. lol. I like your idea! I've got to get a proof-reading boyfriend! Know where I can find one?

Have a great night, cutie!

Sarah said...

No, Kai reads enough of my papers (articles, past academic papers, etc) that I spare him. I probably have mistakes, but it is what it is.

Indie.Tea said...

No, my blog is almost like my own private world, separate from my friends and family. I am not ready to share it.

Naturally Jules said...

I started blogging as a creative outlet last year. A sort of journaling, so I never considered to get any outside input. For me it's my own personal journey.

Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

James doesn't really read my blog, unless I ask him to read a post I've written after I've posted it. I'm a better proof-reader than he is, anyway! :o) I usually read it over and try to catch things, but I catch most of my mistakes after they've already been posted, so I feel a little bad for those who subscribe via rss, because I don't always catch them in time! :o)

karmacoy said...

I started off having my partner proof-read and he just took too long and was very particular about "how this paragraph should flow into the next etc." So I fired him. I decided that I am a fairly thorough proof-reader and that I will try to avoid getting my knickers in a knot about it.

If I had something that I wanted to submit to a magazine for publication or some such venture, I would certainly have the writing edited.

Otherwise, I'm treating my blog as a more personal and true to life version of myself and I'm full of syntax errors and typos!

Melita said...

thanks so much for all of your input everyone!! i think you all made me realize to lighten up a little bit and don't worry so much about mistakes. i guess i just want it to be perfect (or as close to as possible). this is my blog, not a collective one w/ me & ryan, so there isn't any collaboration on blog post i should, or shouldn't put up. everything on here is my idea. this is my own take on how npr puts it, "i am solely responsible for my content." mistakes and all! :)

ryan really does help out with my pics though. as i'm sure you noticed, i take the majority of them. but he is responsible for running them through photoshop for me to shrink them down (and make any minor tweaks such as fixing too much exposure, etc) for the blog. i will have him show me how to do this one day and everything will be in my hands, mwahhaahhaa!! ;)

The Cooking Accountant said...

Sorry about the sciatica (I know personally how bad it is).

I usually write up the posts in Word, review them, and review them again in the Blogger preview prior to posting. I am usually the one who reviews my frends' and families' resumes, papers, etc. so I just do it myself. I do, however, get my husband's input on which food pics look best.

Eco Yogini said...

I'm sorry to hear about sciatica. UGH. :S

I always get Andrew to read my posts- mostly cuz I was missing stuff all the time. Also- after I post, often there are gaps cuz Blogger is weird and leaves huge spaces just because I had TWO spaces between words... so I have to adjust anyways. :)

I do believe that it's completely fine though to have little mistakes here and there :)

I hope you feel better!!

alteredstatesstudio said...

that is an awesome question!! when i took the leap off into this blog world- our two boys helped me....our youngest was there and was pointing things out, and then, our oldest made all my links- actually link to something! most other times it has been all me- except for the linking part, but, if you will look at yesterdays post- you will notice our youngest told me, i had made a spelling error and wanted me to "go on the record" with my mistake :o)