Monday, July 12, 2010

anusara goodness with deb neubauer

i had such an amazing time with deb neubauer at her "the heart of the yogi: a weekend of anusara yoga and a joyful celebration of freedom" workshop. it was truly transformative. i don't know how morgantown got to be so blessed that deb was willing to travel from her home in easthampton, mass but i'm not going to question it!

i was so pumped after this workshop that i'm surprised that i'm waiting until now to to write about it. i guess i was still trying to process, absorb and retain all of the fabulousness that surrounded me.

i was also honored to share the weekend with some wonderful yogis from morgantown, fayetteville, wv, and pittsburgh, pa. it was one big happy anusara family.

while i'm not an anusara yogini, i do love to try other styles of yoga. i had done some anusara (inspired or otherwise) classes at home from some online sources (an example of a fabulous online class). this was my first hands-on experience with anusara in the classroom and i loved it! i am extremely honored that my first experience was with deb neubauer!!

as you well know, anusara was founded by john friend. one of my favorite sayings in anusara is "soft heart, sharp mind, and vibrant body." i really think that phrase embodies all of what anusara offers in a nutshell.

during the series of workshops, i learned lots of amazing poses that i'm now going to try to pretzel myself into: astavakrasana, eka pada sirsasana, eka pada bakasana, and eka pada galvasana to name just a few. or the "eka pada yada yadas" as deb referred to them. :)

i did learn a little more about bakasana. add it to the list of other tips & tricks i referred to here. and ya know what... i was able to fly for a few seconds at least! longer than i had done before and i'm happy with that!

the lovely adrian kettering from yoga for wellness happily soaring in bakasana
deb setting colleen up for a delicious heart opener.
adding in some props and an assistant, leigh anne
colleen thinking about how wonderful this pose feels. (just look at that smile on her face :) )

as of now, deb has plans of returning to morgantown next year. i will be sure to post it as soon as i hear about it so that hopefully some of my bloggy buddies can join in on all of the anusara fun!



TheAnalyst said...

Sounds fantastic! I'm glad you had a great time!

Ursula said...

Hi Melita,
You just left a comment on my blog. That way I found yours, too. You created a wonderful side, too. Pictures are always great, I think.
Have ongoing fun with both, yoga and blogging......:)

Hollee said...

OMG, those photos of me are hilarious. I have to say, I had an awesome time the first day. The second day, I got frustrated when we spent 45 minutes attempting poses that were completely beyond my ability level. But I am trying to cling to that awesome feeling I had after the first session. I also might try to remember that in the future, less can be more! I am so glad I met you Melita, and I am looking forward to trying some Bliss Bliss Bliss yoga in August:)

AKett said...


Great photos and post - that bakasana pose was a lot of fun. It was nice to meet you at the workshop, and hopefully I will see you sometime again soon!

AKett said...


Great photos and post - that bakasana pose was a lot of fun. It was nice to meet you at the workshop, and hopefully I will see you sometime again soon!

Leigh Anne PIerson said...

Hey Melita,
Thank you so much for sharing your blog and pics. I didn't even realize you were taking them. Isn't Deb amazing?? We were truly so lucky to have her in Motown. We are trying to pick the 2011 date and hoping to spread the word and fill the room! She's too great a teacher to keep to ourselves :)