Wednesday, July 7, 2010

finding my crow

for the longest time i've wanted to soar in my crow/crane pose but kept falling flat... sometimes literally! i've been working & working until my right wrist screams at me - NO MORE!! so then i try once more for good measure and then give in to my screaming wrist.

so to the internet i go, reading different tricks & tips on how to make my crow/crane soar. i came across a fabulous post at the lovely yoga to go blog on just this topic!

here she is soaring high and making it look completely effortlessly gorgeous!

so of course, i tried out her tips and was able to fly a little bit longer than my usual few seconds. so i decided for the time being that i would attempt a baby crow and work on building my upper body strength and balance.

my baby crow as cadyn looks at me like i'm nuts :)

a better view with my sweet girl out of the way

when i teach my yoga classes i let my students know that we all have limitations and that they are temporary, to honor them and work around them and that one day it will change. i decided to take my own advice to heart.

instead of getting caught up in the 'i'm not good enough' 'i'm a yoga teacher and i can't even do crow' negative self-talk i turned it around and accepted where i am right now and will enjoy the journey of one day flying my crow high. (and yes, once i get it to where i don't fall flat on my face i'll be happy to share a pic of my crow with you ;) ).

i hope that you have a wonderful weekend. namaste

image credit yoga to go


Eco Yogini said...

we've been working on crow in our small yogi group- and a few ladies achieved a few seconds on lift off during out sivananda class last night! it was amazing.

the siv class instructor was all about putting the elbows INTO the inner knees- so it was less about height. I tried it... but i really like the idea of working higher.

i love your baby crow too! i'm gonna show the girls this tomorrow at our YITP :)

Anonymous said...

Melita I am so honored that you posted my picture as your inspiration! Your baby crow is such a great idea! I will share this with my yoga students. Keep at's all practice...and you even got a little doga in there too!! xo

stephanie alaine said...

when you honor your limitations, you give us all permission to do the same. thank you for practicing what you preach, AND for living what you're learned.

the extraordinary thing here, is that you look graceful and present with right where you are. can we ask for more than that?

be the flow, sweet friend.

Donica said...

Oh your baby crow is beautiful! I'm sure as you know with acceptance comes room for the things we do want. That high-flying crow is on it's way!

Lauren said...

What a great post! And a good lesson for us all, yoga teachers and yogis and aspiring yogis: to start where you are and work from there. I love your baby crow--tomorrow I just may roll out my mat and give it a go!

Olivia said...

This is very impressive, Melita, and I mean YOUR pictures. It encourages me to honor my own too-numerous-to-count limitations and to try things I might not do very well. Many thanks, O

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I think you are awesome and that you give me hope. You are an inspiration to me.

TheAnalyst said...

Congrats! Crow is such a tough one--balance + forearm strength. I managed to stay in crow once for about 3 seconds. You look fantastic!

Emily said...

Lovely post. Lovely crow. Lovely you!

Lynne from NY said...

Yay Melita! Always remember, a little is better than nothing at all :)

Hollee said...

I have never been able to get very high, but Adrian told me to try to get my knees higher on my arms and it worked! Can't wait to sweat with you in August:)

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Beautiful post hon, especially because you allowed yourself the same kindness you would show your students. I am still trying to get up into a full crow so thanks for tips.