Monday, July 12, 2010

leave only footprints and peace rocks

this past sunday, ryan and i took the dogs to cooper's rock for a small hike. all 4 of us love spending time in nature.

the peace rocks left behind are from my dear friend sasa. sasa's mission is to "spread peace one rock at a time." love that!!

here are a few photos i took along the way...

inside a broken tree
the beautiful details of a fern
the inside of a fallen tree
a baby fern (my index finger for scale)
cadyn on top of a big rock (queen of the mountain if you will lol)
leaving a peace rock behind
precariously placed peace rock
careful to keep dry


Sasa said...

Awesome Pics!! It is so Zen!! Thanks for spreading the Peace rocks!! You Rock!!

Ellecubed said...

Your hike looks absolutely beautiful. Love the peace rocks and love the ferns!

Heather said...

Beautiful and Cadyn is soooo cute!

Julie said...

I love going there!! :)

Shayna B. said...

Aw, your peace rock is adorable, just like you. Great pics! x

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Beautiful photos! Those peace rocks are such a great idea!