Friday, May 20, 2011

bed day

yesterday my body screeched to a halt. i knew that at around noon when i wasn't out of bed (and wasn't planning to leave my bed) that i needed to make a decision that i didn't want to make.

i cancelled my yoga class & my clients.

i. hate. doing. that.

but i knew, it was for the best. for days on end (and yes, weeks on end as well) i've been pushing my body & pushing and i knew that eventually she was going to push back. yesterday was the day.

so aside from feeling like crap, i laid around, enjoying the comforts of my bed - with pets joining in on the bed day as well. i've written about having bed days before, but this one was very different as i wasn't feeling well at all.

nonetheless, rest was exactly what my neglected body needed. and that is what she got.

i continued to stay in bed until just now (yep, am writing this from bed). i've gotta pull myself up now and get ready to go give a bowenwork session. and then i'm onto lakeview resort & spa for the monongalia county child advocacy center's "girls' night out" event.

if you are local you should come. indulge yourself on some chair massage, bowenwork, reiki, yoga, meditation & much more. and it's all for a good cause. not to mention good karma!!

hugs and _/\_

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Mindy said...

Hi Melita!

Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like a day of rest was just what you needed!

Take care,