Friday, July 31, 2009

au revoir july

july has been a bitter sweet month for me. for the first half of july, i was majorly stressed out. prepping for the gmat as best i could and then taking said gmat. one of my best friends, rebecca lost her dog/son coal. coal was just as much a part of the family as anyone. it's still really hard to believe that he is gone.

it was great because we celebrated ryan's birthday, went to delaware to see our friend annie, hung out at lewes beach for a day, cracked crabs for hours, had fun wrecking my journal (last entry to come), received a wonderful package in the mail from michele, got my important papers in order, bought a desk (see pic below) and had a few artist's dates.
i got my desk at target. i got this one but didn't attach the hutch. i just wanted a plain, simple, cute and cheap but not too cheap desk. this one fit the bill perfectly. i love looking out my window and seeing my morning glories (you can kinda see them in the picture). as you can see sanjay is also enjoying the desk. as a matter of fact, i am sharing the chair with him right now.

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Carolyn said...

That's a great desk! Two of my close gal pals from law school have it. One uses it as a desk and the other as a vanity. :)