Tuesday, July 28, 2009

shredding & organizing

it feels so good to get organized. i have a couple of meetings regarding "plan b" tomorrow and i needed to find a document AND that is where it all began.

i had planned on getting my important papers organized sometime soon anyways and after digging through them for a bit, i thought to myself, why not today?!

as you all know, this can be a day long process depending on how many years of documents you have piled up. luckily it didn't take me all day but it did take me a good couple of hours. as usual, i made the most of it. i had some water nearby and tuned into pandora and sorted & shredded.

plus i got a chance to put my papers in my new accordion file folders :)


AnalieseMarie said...

Yay, it is SUCH a good feeling to get papers organized! Love your folders!

Jessica said...

Organization feels SO good, doesn't it?!

Can't wait to hear about Plan B!

Carolyn said...

Cuuuuute folders!!!

Revisionista said...

gorgeous folders! such fun colors.

glad to hear that plan b is progressing steadily. can't wait for the big reveal :)

Sarah said...

Good luck at Plan B meeting!!