Wednesday, July 1, 2009

july already?

well since it is july already, let's review those june goals shall we?!

  • FINISH my statement of purpose - didn't FINISH it but got to draft # 3
  • study for the GMAT - completed exactly 38 hours and 24 minutes of this monotonous goal
  • complete Yoga Diva's sun salutation & meditation challenge, details are on the right hand side of her blog - ah, got a little behind on some of the days but did pretty well overall
  • do yoga every day (and with the above challenge this one should be a no brainer!!) - i did some form of yoga every day (even if that was just one or two poses)

and with that i say this to june:
photo credit ici


Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

I don't even know where June went. Oh wait... I do know. It's in the sewer, because it was washed away with all of the rain we got here. Here's to hoping July will be better! :o) Congrats on your goals (especially studying)! Studying is extremely difficult in the summer!

Revisionista said...

great job on your goals, especially getting to draft 3 of your personal statement. 38 hours of studying is amazing!!

PS~~i sent you an invite to the SWIM blog in case you want to post your personal statement writing, application, GMAT, etc goals there.