Tuesday, July 28, 2009

the meme blog award

almost two weeks ago in the midst of my "gmat hell, " michele over at you and me and lucy awarded me the meme blog award.

the rules are as follows:
1. share seven tidbits about myself.
2. share the award with seven blog friends.

seven tidbits:

1. when i first started my blog i never imagined that i would love it or be this involved and it's all because of you my dear readers :) i love the little online community that we have formed. i feel grateful for each and every one of you. you've supported me in through my rough patches and cheered me on during the good times. please accept my huge cyber hug. :)

2. as you already know, i am fresh back from a mini vacay in delaware. i really miss being by the beach. i used to live in virginia beach, va for almost three years and can't tell you how much i crave beach time now that i am landlocked in west virginia.

3. i have a small organic garden in my back yard which i love watching grow. while it's small, it's still hard work but absolutely worth it. i can't wait for the first ripe tomatoes and green beans. i know a lot of people are thinking 'it's almost august, shouldn't you be getting these already?!' and my answer to that is that with our weird weather we got things in a little later than normal. and that is all well and good because i will still be getting fresh stuff from my garden into september and maybe even october at this rate!

4. i am currently reading "julie and julia" and can't wait to see it in the theater!

5. while september 11th is a hard day for everyone it is a bitter-sweet day for ryan and i. we celebrate our 4th anniversary together. the funny part of that is that neither of us thought we would have lasted this long. i love him dearly and wouldn't want to change a thing!

6. despite been unemployed since april, i have to honestly stay, this has been the best summer ever. i haven't had much money (cause let's face it, unemployment doesn't pay that much) but i haven't let that stop me. you don't need money to be happy. i've spent a lot of my summer studying away for a standardized test that i still didn't pass (yes, i took the f-ing gmat twice). but not passing that test led me to realize that i would be doing myself a disservice in not pursuing a passion of mine. which leads me to...

7. i have a meeting on wednesday about "plan b." after that point i will share in the details will all of my lovely readers. (i know, the suspense is killing you by this point. i appreciate your patience.)

and now, onto the seven blog friends i'd like to pass this award onto (i try to pass these onto blogs that have yet to be awarded but i know doing this practically two weeks late is gonna cause some doubling up. if you got this award already, oh well, you totally deserve it twice):

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7. onyx and alabaster


Carolyn said...


And yes, I am DYING of suspense!

City Girl said...

I know what you mean about blogging - it's turned out to be SO much more than I expected :) Yay for plan b!

Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

I agree with the whole surprise of blogging thing. I started on a whim and really enjoy it, even if only a few people read it regularly (thank you for being a regular)! I'm excited to hear about plan b, too! Sometimes things happen for a reason, and I'm a firm believer that the universe has a way of working everything out the way it should be, even when we think it's absolute crap. :o)

I am also reading Julie & Julia (I bought it for the plane ride). I can't wait to see it, but I hope that the actual Julia Child scenes are more based on reality than Julie's speculation.

My aunt lives in Virginia Beach and we used to go there on during the summer all the time. I miss it, and Chincoteauge, where we always stopped for the pony swim. Such a small world!

Thank you for the award, and sorry for the long comment. :o)

Jo said...

pretty cool

congrats on the award