Monday, January 25, 2010

monday moment of zen

"the future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."
~ eleanor roosevelt

what are your dreams? no matter how grandiose our dreams may seem we can take one step a day towards achieving those dreams. what small step can you make towards your dreams today?

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Kiki said...

What a perfect question to start the week with! I dream of defining my authentic self with complete clarity, and being brave enough to present that identity to the world.

Today, I've done that by pairing a crisp white shirt with a rock'n'roll-goes-geisha black leather wraparound obi belt. It's not anything I've ever done before, but I've looked longingly at the combination in my closet for a while, and today, I just decided to go for it!

Carolyn said...

What a lovely reminder to start the week off with. You are one of the most inspiring positive women I have had the chance of meeting. Cheers to the work I know I have ahead of me! Merci Beau Coup and big hugs. xoxo

Pink Heels said...

My dream is to finish my PhD within the next 2 years. The beauty of my dream, borrowing from Ms. Roosevelt, is that I CAN DO IT! : )

shinyyoga said...

Well this post is perfect timing because this weekend I actually bought a big scrapbook and am planning to do some vision board collages to DREAM BIG!!

I've been insanely busy at work lately and when I'm in that work headspace, it's hard to find time to dream. So I'm dedicating myself some time this week to dream, imagine, create and be positive.

Donica Christina said...

What a fantastic image. My perspective is only allowing me to see the rocks. I should step back a bit ;)

Jenny Stamos Kovacs said...

This is wonderful, Melita, and perfect timing for me!
Later this week I'm going to spend the day with a coach/healer who helps people reconnect their disconnected body with their mind/spirit to discover their true passion.
One thing she asked me to do before our session is to dream big and think about what I'm passionate about and who I want to be.
Your reminder that our dreams are achieved through one small step after another is exactly what I need to hear as I actually commit my most impossible-seeming dreams to paper. Knowing that dreams aren't supposed to be achieved easily and right at this moment helps ease my fear. I CAN reach my dreams, but it's perfectly okay to reach for them one step at a time.