Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ayurveda 101 for massage therapist

i just attended a 3 day 'ayurveda 101 for massage therapists' continuing education training. i had the most amazing time and didn't want it to end. i'm actually going through a little withdrawal today...

here are a few techniques i learned from the lovely karyn chabot d.ay, lmt

panchakarma (pancha meaning 5 and karma meaning action) is a wonderful cleansing sequence for the body, mind and soul. it helps to restore your constitutional (dosha) balance by improving health. it helps to eliminate toxins and brings a deep sense of relaxation to the body and mind.

some of the steps of panchakarma that i learned to do are:

~ garshana - dry brushing the body with raw silk gloves to benefit the lymphatic system, detoxify the body, and helps to alkalize the blood.

~ abhyanga - rubbing the body with oil helps to calm the nervous system, increases restful and restorative sleep, and gives smoother, softer skin.

~ nasya karma - application of medicated oil in the nose to benefit sinuses, brightening of the eyes, helps with migraines and headaches, and provides mental clarity.

~ karna purna - application of medicated oil in the ears to help alleviate tmj, ringing in the ears, improved hearing, removal of built up ear wax, and sinus infections.

~ swedhana - steam therapy to help detox, remove impurities, stimulates oxygen flow through the body, and brightens the skin.

~ shirodhara - warm oil flowing over the third eye and crown of the head to help calm the central nervous system, clears the mind and the senses, and activates the pituitary gland. this is the most spiritual and sought after component of pancha karma.

doesn't that all sound delightful? i am here to tell you that it is a magnificent therapy and can't recommend it highly enough.

ever since the day i heard the word ayurveda, i have been craving to know more. after attending this training, it only kicked my craving of all things ayurveda into high gear. i put becoming an ayurveda doctor on my long-term goal list. stay tuned for more tricks & tips i learned from this training.

hugs & namaste

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Carolyn said...

Melita~ Your weekend training sounds so fascinating!! I love the idea of Ayurvedic healing!! I want to try some of those techniques!! xoxo Carolyn

Anonymous said...

This training sounds so neat!! I love all the different techniques you listed! I had no idea... :) Thanks for the info! Can't wait to hear more! xo

Anonymous said...
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Rebecca said...

Sounds neat! Sending this off to Cliff (who knows he is VERY late in paying you back for a massage!)

TheAnalyst said...

Great post! I wish I could indulge in all of those techniques at this moment, but I guess I shouldn't be greedy! As far as Ayurveda, I recommend the book Teach Yourself Ayurveda. I have a link f orit in the recommended books Amazon widget on my blog.

Rand(Om) Bites said...

Ooooh, I feel like a massage now!

KeralaAyurveda said...

Panchakarma is awesome! For anyone that has the opportunity to receive the treatment I highly recommend it! We teach these types of training programs and I always see how students enjoy learning these priceless ancient principles. Come by our educational websites! Have a wonderful day!