Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2nd annual tea trade

can you believe that is almost autumn already? where has the time gone?

the good news is that it's almost time for the 2nd annual tea trade!! last years was a blast and again, my thanks to all who participated.

this years trade is going to be just a little different than before. i am opening up this tea trade to loose tea as well as bagged tea. to participate you must be willing to ship your package internationally.

how it works: tea traders will send a sampling of 3 - 4 ounces (85 - 113 grams) to another participating tea trader. (most boxes of pre-bagged tea is usually between 1.8 -2 oz or 51 - 57 grams)

details: please send an email to melitamollohan@gmail.com with the subject line "tea trade." in the body of the email please share your address . i will then match up people round robin style and give you a name and address of where to send your teas packages. all of your personal information will be kept strictly confidential. if you feel more comfortable providing your work address rather than personal that is totally fine. also, if you do not wish to provide your name please make sure you let me know in the email and who ever will be sending your tea package will label the envelope "tea trade" and your address.

special prize: i will award a special prize to one lucky tea trader. special prize will be announced soon (i'm still working on gathering a few goodies for the lucky winner).

due date: please email me your information by september 15th so that we can start tea trading at the end of september!

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etre-soi said...

wonderful I'll be sending an email soon :)

michele said...

YIPPEEE!! Loved this last year! Just sent you my email! :) Thanks for organizing this, Melita!


kaileenelise said...

yippiee! thanks for hosting again this year, melita. i'm so excited about it that i shared a little shout-out on my blog ~ http://bit.ly/cw0gVB

Melita said...

so glad you ladies are participating in the tea trade again this year.

kaileen elise - thank you for putting the word out on your blog!


Leesh said...

I read about your tea trade from kaileenelise's blog. I joined a tea exchange last year and enjoyed trying a new tea that I would not normally go out and purchase.

I will be sending you an email with my details shortly.

Aileen said...

I just sent my information. I can't wait!

Annie said...

Yes, where did the time go? The days and monthes have flown by and with them have brought many changes. I am sooooo excited about the tea trade this year! This is a fabulous idea Melita and I thank you so much for brining this very special event for us once again.I am sending my info to ya. I am so very proud of all of your accomplishments. Most of all I am proud to call you my friend.
much love and admiration,

Heather Leigh said...

Info sent! I can't wait!


Leesh said...

Thanks again for hosting the 2nd annual tea trade. I received my package this week. It was a lot of fun.