Sunday, January 16, 2011


yesterday i read from "meditations from the mat" about rest in yoga. all of the yoga teachers i know (including myself) urge students to take a rest whenever their body needs it. after all, we are not your best teacher, you the student are! you know your body better than anyone else!

sometimes, myself included in this, will push ourselves through postures only to do half as well as we would have if we would have taken a few resting breaths in child's pose or an equivalent resting pose.

as you become more familiar with yoga and the poses you can learn to take a quick rest during the posture. you do this by softening some muscles that aren't required to hold that pose. for instance, you don't need to clinch your jaw in order to get into your best virabhadrasana 1. clinching your jaw doesn't make you any stronger as a warrior so let it go and maybe smile a little. :)

so now that you've given yourself permission to let yourself rest when you need to during your yoga practice, let's look at how we can take that practice off the mat.

especially during this time of year when colds & flues are getting passed around like candy at halloween we should take care of ourselves so that hopefully we don't get sick. and if we do get sick then by resting properly will allow our bodies to heal more quickly thus getting you out there faster to do the things that you do best!

here are a few ways you can take your rest off the mat:

~ take a bed day, half a bed day, or even a few hours to rest in bed either before your day begins or after it ends

~ sit by the fireplace and let the warmth and magic surround you

~ sit down with a mug of hot tea (or coffee) in hand, feel the warmth against your hands, and sip slowly

~ take time to snuggle with pets or loved ones - this is welcomed and enjoyed by everyone

~ call up a friend that you haven't talked to in a while and reminisce about something silly that you did or happened in the past - laughter is medicine for the soul!

i am taking my own advice today. i am writing this post from bed with a mug of honey lemon ginseng green tea on one side of me, my kitty (pictured above) on the other side and my pup in between my feet. :)

may you find your rest on and off the mat!

hugs & namaste

image credit and me


Carolyn said...

I am doing the same- actually have for the last few days as I recover from a nasty cold. Enjoy your bed day my friend..xoxo

TheAnalyst said...

So true! We often feel guilty...I admittedly feel guilty as I am resting. I think for me it is important to balance my work/rest time.

heather said...

Love this Melita! Lately I've been reading in bed in the mornings - a great start to the day. Love the new look over here too. Take care lovely!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Such an important message and advice that I really need at the moment..... thanks x

Googlover/keishua said...

Such good advice. I have been resting for the past few days. It's amazing how much more energy you have when you slow down.