Tuesday, March 23, 2010

little lovely melita

introducing the little lovely melita

this amazing piece of art was done by a chica very close to my heart. connie, i love you!! you are the coolest chica i know!!

watch the making of the little lovely melita

check it out on her blog


you can get a little lovely of your own

i truly love my little lovely and i know you will love yours too!


Lavanya said...

I adore this drawing of you!! absolutely lovely!!

Lavanya said...

I meant painting. hugs!

Jackie said...

Hi Melita,
I left you a sunshine award on my blog because you are inspirational :)

Sasa said...

I love your little Lovely Melita! The video is super cool too!! ☮ ♥

Bela said...

where is your smile!? i've never seen you so serious EVER! =)