Friday, March 26, 2010

so, how's it going?

just wanted to give an update on my morning routine & cleansing. some days have been good and others not as much.

tuesday - the day i started the morning routine and cleansing and both went wonderfully.

wednesday - all chances of my morning routine were thwarted by a massive headache. so needless to say, i didn't get up at dawn but when i did make it out of bed i preformed my morning routine as best as i could due to the headache still being around.

thursday - morning routine wasn't as strong as tuesdays but was much better than wednesdays

today - got up on time, did my mantra, took a child's pose for about 5-6 mins & did a short seated meditation before heading right back to bed. got a bit of a headache again today - boo!

as far as the cleanse it is going well over all.

i have been taking the tiao he cleanse as recommended and i've had good results so far. i've been watching what i eat. cutting down on my portion sizes & eating more veggies, fruits & whole grains.

i do have to confess, i've had a little bit of dark chocolate with cacao nibs. it's been my indulgence for sure.

a dear friend & blog reader send me a copy of marilu henner's food combination chart which is pretty easy to follow. i also have been pursuing through the copy of eat - taste - heal: an ayurvedic cookbook for modern living which i really love. if any one else knows of any good food combination information out there please share.

have a wonderful weekend!!

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Carolyn said...

Hey Sweety!
I hope that your headache gets better. I am so not fab at cleansings, however I have a yoga friend that is studying just that! I will email Steph and see if she can pass on any tips! Feel better!! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I get really bad headaches too, mostly in the morning. My morning routine is a struggle for me, I hit snooze for an hour and then half to rush in the morning. I'm working on that.

Carolyn said...

I am also going to start cutting back on sugar and refined carbs! I'm hoping it'll make a difference in my energy. Also - more greens!

TheAnalyst said...

Sounds great! Headaches in the morning (or anytime) are big downers! I hate waking up with one. I would love to hear more about the ayurvedic book.