Friday, March 19, 2010

i'm SO excited...

and i just can't hide it!! today i'm grateful for:

today is friday

i got my little lovely melita in the mail

(more to come on this later, i promise)

although i don't graduate until april 3rd, today is MY LAST CLASS!

it is absolutely gorgeous outside today

i am teaching happy hour yoga at blissblissbliss

ryan & i are having friends over to grill out for the first time this year!

have a wonderful weekend, i know i will be!!


Carolyn said...

This is such a cool drawing of you!! Have an amazing weekend!! I am planning on one as well!! xoxo

Elisse said...

So what's with little lovely melita here? Complete with purple highlights, I see!

Your joy and excitement in this post is contagious! You got me all smiley :D

moi said...

Your LAST class? YAY! Congrats!!!

And blissblissblisss sounds fab.

All the best to you:)

Karen D said...

congrats I like the little Melita.. I love the new profile pic also.

Pink Heels said...

Congratulations! Celebrate that a rockstar!

stephanie alaine said...

darling i'm sO excited for you to be sharing your spirit! i can't wait to hear more about the zen filled, pink haired chica!

i went to a new yoga class today and it was so zen, so quiet and balanced. every time i came to that peaceful place, i thought "melita." melita you have shared such a zen & heart-filled existence with me. i am ever so grateful.

hope you weekend was wonderous indeed!

Lisa said...

EEEK! I can't believe I just got around to reading this. I literally feel the bubblies in my tummy as I read this...SO SO exciting!

The painting is adorable, CONGRATS on the LAST CLASS, hope you had an awesome grill out on such a beautiful day, and oh my I wish I was there to take your happy hour yoga!

Many continued blessings my beautiful friend!!

TheAnalyst said...

Congrats Melita! So exciting! If I pass through WV in the future, BlissBlisBliss (your class of course) is definitely a must on my list.