Thursday, September 9, 2010

morning and afternoon delight

i woke up naturally around 9am this morning. feels good to let my body decide how long it needs rest. i have been in quite a bit of pain since tuesday afternoon. i'm not sure exactly what has happened but i have a pain in my rhomboid/trapezius/latissimus dorsi region. say whaaaa?? see lovely image below:

due to the severity of this pain, i have had to turn down some massages and cancel a yoga class - boo!! i was scheduled to give the owner of blissblissbliss a massage today at but being the kind, considerate and lovely lady that she is, she is going to give me a massage to see if she can help relieve some of my pain.

now this isn't going to be a nice, sweet, relaxing massage (although i am sure there will be some of that love in there somewhere) but the focus of this massage will be harsh elbows and trigger points and who knows what else! but it is exactly what i need to get whatever the issue is out!! and hopefully out for good!!

so i've been spending my cool, crisp, autumn-esque morning snuggled up in bed with my laptop, cup of coffee, pets coming and going as they please, and my visual journal.

my visual journal has been rather neglected as of recent and i plan on changing that. this morning i have been incorporating my 2010 vision board/wheel of life into my visual journal.

so even though in pain, i am grateful for the opportunity to be able to take it easy when my body demands it.

what are you thankful for on this lovely thursday? hugs!!

image credit ici and moi


Jen @ Brilliant Well-being said...

Today I am grateful for the sun shining, chai tea and for the great support/love I am receiving from others lately. Oh, and I adore your vision boards! I LOVE vision boards!

Aly said...

I'm enjoying a cool, relaxing morning as well. I was thrilled by this post as I only just starting keeping a vision journal. I've never had a vision board or journal before, but it feels like a great idea. :)

Jessica said...

I am sending you healing vibes!
Glad you got to make the most of your little time off, and have a relaxing morning. You deserve it darling :)

Carolyn said...

Ouch! So sorry about your pain - sending oodles of healing and comforting vibes your way. Definitely just take it easy and rest - it's the best medicine for the body. Today I'm grateful for a wonderful sister. I'm in California for the next week and being here is beyond blissful. xoxo

TheAnalyst said...

I know it is much later now, but I hope the pain is gone! I often have pain that area, as it is one of the spots I carry stress.