Friday, September 10, 2010

pittsburgh bound

by the time you are reading this ryan and i are probably already headed to this lovely old late 1800s house in the west end of pittsburgh for the night to celebrate our 5th year anniversary.

we had planned on going to frank lloyd wright's fallingwater home on saturday (technically our anniversary) since neither one of us has been there. but that will have to wait for another time.

we are cutting our trip short because ryan's dad is coming down to motown on saturday to help us get into the closed up fireplace in the house we are going to move into. why anyone would close a fireplace is beyond my imagination - they are so beautiful and add such an ambiance to the house!

i hope you all have a lovely weekend! hugs!!


Jennelle said...

Quick question...
Are you the same Melita Mollahan who went to Clay Co. High School? I saw that you are a follower on Politico in Stillettos and wondered. You kinda look like her, if you are not that person.

Emily said...

Have a great time, beautiful gal!

Jan said...

Melita, just stopping by to say hi. You took my Meditation Challenge at my blog in January and I've just launched something similar, on online course, Buddha Chick™. Thought you might want to know. It's pretty Chickie. :-) With love, Jan