Wednesday, September 8, 2010

releasing your limiting beliefs

i get this in my inbox daily and this one really resonated with me. i wanted to share this with you my lovely readers. enjoy and hugs!!

When times are tough we tend to engage in a lot of fearful chatter.

We replay limiting beliefs such as, “I can’t ask for a raise now.” Or, “I can’t make a career shift in times like these.”

This fearful chatter is helping neither your peace of mind nor your bank account.

Fearful, limiting beliefs block your inner guide (or "~ing" as I call it) and prevent you from creating positive financial outcomes, blinding you to opportunities.

Try this three step process for releasing fear and add more ~ing to your finances.

Step One: Identify
your limiting beliefs by listening to the fear-driven messages in your mind. What limits are you buying into: "I can't get ahead"; "I'll always be broke"; "There's never enough"?

Step Two: Release
the chatter. Kick off each day with the affirmation, “Today I choose to release my limiting beliefs and stay positive about my finances.” Then, if a self-sabotaging message pops up, recognize it for what it is. Let it go.

Step Three: Forgive.
Our fearful mind loves to compare. When you perceive your finances as better than or worse than someone else's, you're creating a negative dynamic within the relationship—and in your earning capacity. So throw down an F bomb and forgive. Forgiveness will clear space to receive clarity and more ~ing.

What limiting belief can you release right now?

article on daily worth by gabrielle bernstein, author of "add more ~ing to your life: a hip guide to happiness" (which is on my amazon wish list!!)

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Carolyn said...

You are one of the most intuitive people I know! Exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you my friend. xoxo

Eden said...

Thank you so much for posting this Melita. I read it last night as I was making my way home on the train and decided it was time to start working towards the life of my dreams. For me, this meant finally researching and registering in a high school biology class so that I can go back to school and become a naturopath/practicioner of traditional medicine.

Thanks again!

Ps... this is Ellecubed. I am posting under Eden (my middle name) on my new blog to remain more anonymous.

Elisse said...

I think we can trapped by limiting beliefs in all aspects of our lives. I like Step Two about making the intention to release. Thanks for this post!