Monday, December 6, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 36

i took advantage of our beautiful yoga studio and did about a 20-25 minute practice. it was lovely to look out of the french door and see the little bit of snow on the ground as i'm saluting the sun. i practiced my 3 asanas that i've been working diligently on and was able to rock all three... at least for a few breaths. :)


and crow

i had a dream the other night that i was able to rock my crow pose! i am hoping that dream becomes a reality (hopefully soon lol).

only 4 more days before i hit 40!!

hugs & namaste

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Anonymous said...

Another December baby! I'll be 39 on the 19th.

And I'm sure you'll rock Crow some day! It's one of the poses I don't do very well myself and your hard work on them is inspiring!

rachel @ suburbanyogini said...

I can't do any of those three either! :)

April said...

With consistent practice like that - you'll be rocking all 3 and setting new goals soon.

I love wheel ♥ When all is set up perfectly it's just all love and brightness and ecstasy.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up.