Wednesday, December 8, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 37 & 38

day 37 was a long day. i didn't exactly get in a personal practice but i definitely got it a LOT of movement. i taught 2 yoga classes and did 4 massages. i also treated myself to my favorite place to eat in morgantown - mother india for their fabulous lunch buffet & some masala chai! yum!! i also indulged in a mid-day nap since my day was split up nicely.

day 38 - i got in my practice this morning shortly after waking. i did a baron baptiste inspired practice. very inspiring!!

if you are inspired by this challenge and would like to start your own yoga challenge, yoga journal is doing a 21 day challenge starting jan 10th. i signed up, i figured why not, right?! :)

hugs & namaste

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Y is for Yogini said...

Day 37 sounds perfectly lovely! You gave love and you received it. :)