Wednesday, December 1, 2010

40 days of yoga - day 31

happy december!!

today is my day off and earlier i tweeted that i was contemplating on what to do: read, nap or do yoga by the fireplace. aaannnddd yoga wins!

i've been working hard to be able to do a headstand in the middle of the room. while i'm not quite there yet, i am well on my way. headstand is one of the three asanas that i've been working on the hardest followed by crow & wheel.

it has been really a special treat to do yoga by my fireplace

hugs & namaste

image credit and me


TheAnalyst said...

Sounds divine!

I used to be able to do a wheel, but they aren't happening so much anymore. I just don't have that kind of strength anymore. I will have to get my yoga on during my winter break.

Elisse said...

Congrats on your 31st day of daily yoga! So proud of your accomplishments thus far!

Hollee said...

Rock on. Cannot wait to practice with you on friday.

Anonymous said...

39 days to go.

cb said...

I wasn't able to do wheel for about 18 months after hurting my wrists but recently, I did it, out of the blue, you will too! Keep going!!!

Nice to meet you!

Bluebird Yogini said...

HI Melita! I saw you were following my blog so I came by to visit, so glad that I did! Congrats on so many days in a row of yoga. Where you are in your yoga practice is amazing- just remember that even if you aren't in the middle of the room in your headstand!