Wednesday, March 9, 2011

blogging in waves

it seems as if i've had a lot to say recently. :)

sometimes my blogging comes in waves - a whole lot at once and then it goes down to a trickle (aka only monday moment of zen posts).

just like the moon has an impact on the ocean, it also has an impact on us as well.

last friday, march 4th was the new moon. with the new moon our energy can also be slower and we can be more reflective and pensive. the new moon is the perfect time to create new goals or dreams for yourself. it's also a time to give up anything that no longer serves you.

in my yoga classes last week i asked my students while they were lying on their sides, before coming back up to an easy seat to end class, to think of one thing that they want to get rid of. it could be anything from a negative relationship, to a job or project that they no longer want, to that last 5 pounds. i asked them to imagine that as they sat up that was left behind on the floor. to actually picture whatever was no longer serving them being left behind so that something newer and better could come in it's place.

i also showed them the shivalingam mudra.

the shivalingam mudra is an energizing and powerful mudra when your energy is down, when you feel as though you need more power over a specific situation or just in general, to help break negative thought patterns, and to help boost self-confidence and self-esteem. perfect for the new moon!!

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Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds said...

Been thinking a lot about when my energy is down and things that cause it. Your Shivalingam mudra and the fact that it helps break negative thought patterns brings up for me how I have been working on the fact that when I am in the thick of a negative crisis how meditation is the furthest things from my mind. I wonder if others feel this way to and what they do about it?

Ambria said...

I absolutely love your blog!! I have had very low energy the last two weeks, have felt very introspective and thoughtful and had no idea why! Thanks for explaining it to me!!!!