Tuesday, March 8, 2011

to always look on the bright side?

first off, i want to thank you guys SO much for reading and for all of your comments on the blog recently. you guys make my heart swell with joy & gratitude!!

secondly, happy fat tuesday everyone!!

and now onto the situation at hand...

blogging is a peculiar thing sometimes, isn't it?

it's as if sometimes we feel the need to only share or blog about the bright side of things. we don't want to let people know about the messy little situations that come up in our life for several reasons; you might be embarrassed about your situation, people will think you are complaining, people won't care cause they have their own shit to worry about, etc, etc, etc...

but indeed, we are human, we ALL have good days and we all have bad days and we all survive both!

just as there is no need to dwell on the negative, there is no need to only focus on the positive. that makes us seem less real. good or bad, i'm about as REAL as it gets.


i try to find that middle ground.

i try to see both sides of the coin.

do you?

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AnnMarie Burrows said...

Amen sister, you are as real as it gets! :) we love that you are you all the time! I think about things all the time as you know. I also worry about what I post, will people think I am weak? or whiny? or whatever lol But I have to tell you that you and a few others, inspire me to just be me also and not care so much what others think! I could get used to this :) Thank you for being a positive influence my friend! I have been able to blog more and more about whatever comes into my brain. Which is previously uncharted territory ;) Be well my dear and I hope the weather in WV is getting nicer and nicer... X0's

Googlover/keishua said...

Hmm...that's a good point. I think that it's can be hard to know what to share esp. if your blog is upbeat. I try to be real on my blog but I also don't want to depress people.So, I guess it is more in how you frame things than what you say.
Good topic.

Lisa Marie said...

I agree with you. I think there has to be a balance when talking about the positives and negatives in your blogs, You don't have to tell the whole story, but sharing enough for me to understand you are having a hard time or bad day gives me a better connection to the blogger I am reading from or about. I like to know both sides of the story, so I can gain a better perspective. I still have a paperback diary for those "I want to scream at the world" rants.

Jessica said...

the middle ground is best.
i get SUPER annoyed by bloggers who are always trying to make their life seem perfect. because seriously- whose is?!!

can't wait til yoga thurs evening! xoxo

Elisse said...

I don't see anything wrong with what you've been posting as of late. I prefer to follow bloggers that can keep it real, because in life, it's not all sunshine and puppy dogs!!