Wednesday, March 2, 2011


in a recent yoga class that i was lucky enough to attend focused the class on half asana and half meditation. the teacher (and a dear friend of mine) had us to set in a circle for the meditation portion of the class. as she was leading us to our find our stillness she said something to the effect of not letting other people put us in boxes that label what we are, that we are much more than that. while at the time it didn't really sink in until after the mediation was over and we shared any experiences we had and spent a little time talking. it was at that point another student said she really enjoyed what she had said about that. and i thought to myself, "yeah, exactly, why do we let other people dictate what we do or who we are?!"

sure we all have labels of what it is we do: mother, daughter, friend, lover, accountant, lawyer, landscaper, cat person, lover of frogs, francophile, and on & on. but those labels are just that... labels. they can describe us but they aren't who we really are. and why do we feel the need to fit into these labels or boxes that others put upon us? sure, we want people to like us but you can't make everyone happy all of the time. and if you try you will certainly go mad!

so why not be who you are and own it?! it will make things a lot easier in the end, don't you think??

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Y is for Yogini said...

yes to all. you can't be anyone else but yourself, so rock it! :)

Ambria said...

I really love this post Melita! I really needed to hear that today!!! Thank you so much for being who you are!

shinyyoga said...

YES I totally agree... oh those labels, all that judging.. it's a relief sometimes to just 'be' - but can also be a challenge. What a beautiful class it sounds like you had x

AnnMarie Burrows said...

WOW!! that was really powerful and really resinated with me! You know me well and I had to say yes to all of them...though I am working on a yogic life more everyday, my journey will be long and life altering. I am blessed to have more and more people in my life such as yourself, that can challenge me in this positive path. I am so stubborn lol However, I am peeling the skin and letting my inner banana show. love this and love u! ty again! huggsssss :)

Elisse said...

Great mediation/reflection, Melita!

On the flipside, just as we don't want to fit into other people boxes, we need to make sure we don't judge others in the same manner :)