Thursday, March 3, 2011


do i.....

cuss (sometimes like a sailor)???

occasionally eat meat???

speed thru yellow lights (or even occasionally run red lights)???

vent to my boyfriend about how frustrated i am over how un-yogic some things are at my yoga studio???

get angry or defensive over stupid shit???

have to have things my way???

be sarcastic so much so that sometimes it seems rude???

sometimes have a short temper???

get selfish and put myself first???

you betcha!!!

so tell me... what sort of un-yogic behaviors do you sometimes indulge in?

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Lauren said...

I cuss a lot...but A LOT less than I used to. I usually fail to even realize that i am cussing until someone points it out to me. Law school and having friends with young children has helped me work on this but I have a long way to go!

Love the accompanying photo--cats are my weakness :)

TheAnalyst said...

Love this post! I get angry and can be judgmental at times (and I'm a counselor!). I drive over the speed limit, indulge in sweets, and probably consume too much cheese. That's life...not perfect!

Lisa said...

Every one of those. Countless human nuances. You name it - I've probably done it. (And with several...will probably do it again.) But that's what I love about yoga -- it's a practice, not a goal! I get to smile and return to yogini-me again and again.

Beautiful, fun post lovely Melita!!

Anonymous said...

I cuss a lot. I make my Irish ancestors proud.

I eat meat.

I kill most bugs.

I get impatient...often.

I hate the word/term "un-yogic".

Donica Christina said...

It's unyogic and perfectly yogic at the same time! I'm with you on that list! Hell Yes!

Elizabeth Halliday-Reynolds said...

Un-Yogic. Yes that is a big one. A label that hurts.
I eat everything and wonder...
I love that this life is so challenging but hate that I so often cannot find the grace.
Yogic indeed.

Carolyn said...

I love your candor and honesty. Although I try to live my practice both on and off the mat nohing in this Universe is perfect. I too have seen & dealt with unyogic situations in yoga studios and was thinking not zenful thoughts about the persons involved. Thank you for being real about this topic, it is truly refreshing!! xoxo