Monday, March 7, 2011

introducing babaji bones

i've tried to keep this one under wraps but with only 1 week left i can't keep it secret any longer!!

i went with a dear friend to wheeling to check out the retired racing greyhounds because she was looking to adopt one. while i have always wanted to get a greyhound (one of the many dogs on the list of must-own before i die) i went not with the intention of bringing one home but just the opposite. i said to several people "i will not bring a dog home!!" HA!!!

i was saying that out loud to try to be strong. oh sure, i knew i was weak but i didn't realize how weak until one look at this face....

i sent ryan a photo text of this pup with "gotta be bold" as the title. that was his racing name however ryan told me i was getting weak as he thought i was the one that had to be bold. :)

and so, you know where the rest of this story goes...

next monday, one week from today, the lady from the greyhound rescue/adoption will make a home visit with him and if all goes well, he will get to stay!!

and so i know you are thinking to yourself 'why in the hell did she name that dog babaji bones?!'

well... babaji is a beloved yogi who is known as "the deathless avatar." he learned to overcome all physical limitations. and babaji was the one who encouraged paramahansa yogananda to teach yoga to the western world as a way to spread enlightenment. pretty cool, eh?

and... bones comes from a cute name i had picked out for a future adoption of a pit-bull (which is just a silly name). i thought, why wait?!

so there you have it - babaji bones. you can look forward to reading more about babaji in the future. :)

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Amanda St.Clair said...

That's awesome, Melita! I hope everything goes well so you can bring Babaji Bones home!

Y is for Yogini said...

Oh, Melita! That's wonderful. And I love his new name; perfect. :)

Jessica said...

YAY! How exciting :)
I am so happy for you Melita!

Anonymous said...

Cute! And this is how I ended up with my cat as well... ;)

They pick us sometimes, you know?