Monday, March 30, 2009

earth hour

my boyfriend and i made sure that all lights (and electronics) were out (and off) during earth hour on saturday. we had gone grocery shopping for that nights dinner just prior to that. we were able to get home, cook and with almost perfect timing, sit down at the table to eat at 8:30pm.

lights out!! we enjoyed a lovely candle-lit dinner. (which reminds me, gotta buy some candles without scents so it doesn't mingle with dinner). we had a lovely pasta dish: linguine with alfredo sauce, baby portabella mushrooms and steak. would have taken a pic but might not have shown up so good in the candle light.

after dinner, we cleaned up (as best we could in the candle light). then we went to bed to lay and cuddle for the rest of the hour. that was of course until dooty decided he needed some snuggling too. (he always lays in between us lol). needless to say, we made up after our rough patch from earlier in the day.

what did you guys do to celebrate earth hour?

here's an update. check out this website, click on the pics to see the difference before and during earth hour. pretty amazing.

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Naturally Jules said...

Wow! Sounds like a wonderful night! Maybe we should have earth hour more often. It might help us slow down and enjoy our lives and loves! Thanks for sharing!