Friday, March 27, 2009

nose piercing and dooty the cat turns 10

two weeks ago i found the courage to get my nose pierced. i have thrown around the idea for years. after reading that yogadiva had done it, i was inspired to do it myself, once and for all. when i look at myself in the mirror i feel like it has always been there. it is a part of me now and i love it!! thank you yogadiva for helping me find the courage to go through with it!

my loving, sweet, and adorable cat dooty just turned 10!! he has been there for me through so much. i have gone through hurricanes, moving around a lot, a messy divorce, several boyfriends after the divorce, and finally moving in with my current boyfriend who had a cat and a dog of his own already. (between the two of us we have a small petting zoo, but that is another post entirely).

dooty is the true love of my life. no matter what happens, he is by my side. no matter what i look like, what i wear, how much weight i've gained over the years, he still loves me the same. he is pure therapy for me. he soothes me on the soul level. (in the pics below he looks like he isn't exactly thrilled to be having his picture taken).

and some older pics:

photos by ryan


naturally nina said...

Congrats! And I love it. I used to have one, but had to take it out for a work thing. But I have always been a fan. Looks great!

Yogadiva said...

So glad to have inspired you! Thanks for posting about me on your blog!


Kirsten said...

My younger sister has one and I really love it. I think yours suits you quite well. And your cat...gorgeous. I love my dog and cat - I really don't know what I would do without them.

Happy Birthday Dooty!

The Cooking Accountant said...

It looks great! Like you said it takes courage to get up the nerve to do it, but it is so worth it.

I also want to wish Dooty a Happy 10th Bday!