Tuesday, March 24, 2009

i'll still love you ny!!

i wanted to share a little of my nyc trip with all of my lovely readers. ryan and i had so much fun. i'll give you a little recap of the highlights.

we stayed in the latham hotel which was located on 28th street between 5th and madison. although it was a budget hotel it was in a wonderful location. only 5 blocks from the empire state building and the flatiron building.

friday after we checked in the hotel we headed uptown to go to the guggenheim. that was until we saw the line around the block to get in. we weren't excited about the prospects of waiting in line forever just to get in so we walked down to the metropolitan museum of art instead. (this is us in the japanese garden). we spent a couple of hours there. then we grabbed some coffee at starbucks and looked through our ny times. we decided to go watch the watchmen in imax. (my boyfriend is a comic book nut). i have to admit, the watchmen was really good. i enjoyed it very much.

both saturday and sunday morning we ate breakfast at one of my favorite places, zabars on the upper west side. absolutely love their nova bagel. i could start every morning in that place, and usually when i'm in ny, i do!

saturday after breakfast at zabars, we hopped on the subway and went to times square. we watched hedda gabler at the american airlines theatre. and let me just say, mary louise-parker was fantastic!!

after watching hedda gabler, we went back to the hotel room, changed clothes and headed downtown to find something to eat. we were wondering along and came across sushi ariyoshi in union square. both being huge fans of sushi, we looked at each other and we knew we'd found the place we wanted to have dinner. it was a lovely place and had amazing food. i got a green garden roll ( striped bass, kaiware & crunch wrapped w/ avocado) and a red dawn roll ( salmon roe wrapped w/ king salmon & tobiko). see pic below for mouth-watering goodness.

after dinner, we went to teany. we are both fans of tea, especially me. it's rare that a day goes by without me having some tea. i love them all! teany really was just that - teany. i had a wonderful time sitting there with my boyfriend, sharing a piece of red velvet cake, each with our own pot of tea (of course).

after teany we went to the sex in the city made famous magnolia bakery on bleaker street. we got a few cupcakes to take back with us. they were good, but i have to admit not as much as i was hoping for. there were definitely beautiful though.

we had such a fabulous weekend. i only wish that we could have spend more time there. and just to round everything out, i have ryan adams new york, new york for your listening pleasure.

thank you for taking the time to comment. i love reading your thoughts!

photos by little ol' me


The Cooking Accountant said...

I'm glad you had a great time in NYC!
I feel like I take the city for granted since I was working there and live closeby. You have inpired me to go to the Met soon (I am ashamed to say I haven't been in almost a year).

Yogadiva said...

Your trip looks like so much fun. I've never been to New York, but I definitely want to go someday!


Carolyn said...

i've never had Magnolia's cupcakes before either, but i heard they were overhyped (like most things??). still, they look pretty darn good in that pic!!!

Naturally Jules said...

I've never been to NY, been kinda scared to try - but your trip sounds wonderful! And I never knew that kandinsky had a gallery! Thats a must! Love the content of your blog!

Thanks for stopping by my little blog, I was much humbled by your comment!