Wednesday, March 18, 2009

ode to one of my role models

i wanted to take a step back in time and share with you about my experience meeting kimberly wilson at flow yoga in leesburg, va. on saturday, march 7th.

background: i have been interested in yoga for 10+ years. i have been practicing yoga on and off for approximately 6-7 years. i have been practicing yoga on a regular basis for about 3 years now. my ultimate goal is to have a daily yoga practice (which i am currently working towards).

in the beginning when blogs first started surfacing, i wasn't that interested. [i tend to fight everything that goes mainstream such as facebook and twitter (which i am on both now lol)]. now, of course, i have not one but two blogs. this one (that you are obviously reading) and my morgantown musings (one for the things that happen in my hometown). both are under construction so bare with me :)

now, tie in these two things together - my love of yoga and growing interest in blogs. i started scouring the net for....*dramatic pause* ... yoga blogs. this is how i came across kimberly wilson's fantastic blog and instantly fell in love.

she's a phenomenal woman and SUCH an adorable sweetheart in person!! i had an amazing 3 hours with her in a get your yoga on workshop. it was absolutely worth the 3 hours drive there and 3 hours back. i just wish i lived closer to d.c. so i could call tranquil space my yoga studio.

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Carolyn said...

i HEART Kimberly Wilson!! she's my #1 girl crush!!

Kirsten said...

Hey there! Blog looks great. I stumbled on Kimberly's blog earlier this week and I really love it. I must admit though...I haven't tried yoga really (aside from a poor class at 24 Hour Fitness). I'd really like to try though!

Melita said...

carolyn - yeah, kimberly is a TOTAL sweetheart! i saw a pic of you on her blog and heard the podcast that featured you :) that is how i found your blog too!!

kirsten - thanks. take it from me and carolyn, you will love kimberly. give yoga a try and i'm sure you'll fall in love with that as well.

The Cooking Accountant said...

Hi Melita! Your blog looks cool! I can't wait to read more! :-)

Kimberly is awesome! She has been such an inspiration to me! I am a huge fan! I have listened to her podcast since 2005. I can't wait for Tranquilista to come out!

theanalyst said...

Wow, lucky lady! I would love to attend one of Kimberly's workshops in the future. She is a wonderful woman and such an inspiration!

Emily said...

WOW! :) This is so neat. I love listening to her podcast. She is so fabulous; and so are you! So glad I found your blog.