Thursday, December 31, 2009

au revoir 2009

a new year and a new decade is just around the corner. being that i'm uber busy recently i stayed pretty simple with my december goals. let's review shall we?

my december goals & outcomes:
  • continuing at my current pace for working toward my massage requirements - yes! i'm so happy to report that i only have 15 left to meet my requirement.
  • getting straight As for november - yes!
  • receiving my certificate for my yoga teacher training - yes!! i have completed everything and i will receive my certificate within the week!
  • buying a massage table - yes and i love it!
  • spending quality time with my family around the holidays - yes! i took my massage table to my parents and gave them and my best friend a massage - they loved it!!
  • and looking forward to some SNOW!!! - yes! we got a couple of good snows and i am looking forward to more. :)
hope you had a fabulous december. how did your december goals go?

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