Sunday, December 20, 2009

peace rocks

i was the lucky winner of some peace rocks from the lovely sasa. my beautiful package included six hand painted peace rocks, several christmas cards, a peace rocks calendar for 2010 and a lovely note.

i added a peace rock to my collection of rocks, seashells, candles, lavender and buddha statue that is the centerpiece (now it's the centerpeace) on my kitchen table.
i added another peace rock to gussy up ryan's first bonsai tree. rawkus is peeking out from behind the bonsai tree.
thank you so much sasa for the lovely package of peace!

if you'd like a peace rock be sure to visit sasa's etsy page to purchase your own.


Blasé said...

I never win anything.. :(

City Girl said...

These are lovely :)

Karen D said...

Ah your are a lucky girl, I see we share a love for collecting stones, rocks and shells. What a beautiful center piece.