Sunday, December 20, 2009

i heart snow

it's no secret, i love snow. every time the local news stations predicts that we are going to get some snow i always scoff because usually they are wrong. i am happy to say that this time they were right!!

the view from our house over sabraton
view of jerome park area of sabraton
cadyn is not a big fan of the snow due to her size. she absolutely refused to look at me when i was trying to take a picture of her. she is adorable in her little sweater and snow on her nose.
a closer view of the snowy nose


MGS Fotografie said...

I love snow too! I really wish it would snow here, I'd love to see how my pups would react :D

Carolyn said...

Perfectly darling picture of Cadyn! Enjoy a white Christmas

bela in amsterdam said...

i cant believe i've missed it! but that's ok, we're supposed to have plenty of snow in jan =) xmas is coming!!!!!!!

City Girl said...

Love these pictures :)

Mindy said...

Your dog is adorable :-)

Beautiful pictures! Wishing you and Ryan and the whole family a wonderful holiday season!!!

shinyyoga said...

would you believe i've never seen snow in my life?! I am sitting here in early january 2010 in front of my air conditioner, in a bikini and sweating like crazy!! Summer heat in Australia is very muggy.. dreaming of some snow right about now : )