Thursday, September 24, 2009


happy thrilling thursday to you all! i am feeling mucho happiness today and felt like sharing.

today i am happy because:

  • sipping on a mug of tazo passion tea that i received in my tea package today from the lovely hilary! thank you so much hilary, i love my package!
  • and speaking of tickets to shows, we have tickets to see david cross on october 10th!
  • ryan has an interview for an better position within wvu later today. i see him getting this position!! positive thoughts everyone! keep everything that your yoga practice will allow crossed ;)
  • i am joining an autumn swap. check it out, maybe you would like to join!
  • i am starting my yoga certification training this saturday!
  • looking forward to receiving my tranquilit pieces in the mail soon!
  • i am truly thankful to all of my new readers! please stop by anytime and leave me a love note :)
hope you all are having a thrilling thursday. what are you happy for today?
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Karley said...

I am happy for my son being a tough, happy go lucky little one. He broke his elbow yesterday, but is taking it all in stride.

I am also happy for sunshine today.

I love your list, Melita. Sounds great. I have a list of Tranquilit pieces I'd like to order, too, and plan to do so in a day or two :)

Melita said...

i am so sorry to hear about your little guys' elbow. i hope he makes a fast recovery. hugs!!

C said...

what a lovely day it sounds like you are having. Enjoy your tea and bundles of luck to Ryan on his job interview and to you soon to be certified yoga teacher!

Lavanya said...

oh- lots of the goodest luck to Ryan!

The autumn swap does sound like fun! And I am addicted to tranquilit, I think. I am plotting another sale order. Any must haves- other than the hoodie and cardi? Though I might just pick up one more cardi in peony...:)
love love the picture!!!

Melita said...

my absolute favorite piece is the all-in-one wrap dress but i absolutely LOVE every single piece i own. i even have a special little place in my closet for them haha!

Lavanya said...

Yes, I am soo tempted by the all-in-one, but since I don't wear dresses too often, I am not sure if it'll suit me. But the older all-in-one with palazzo pants is what is sooo

ooh- I'd love to see that special little tranquilit

Sasa said...

I love your Happiness picture!! It's brilliant! Today I am happy that I came accross your cool blog. :-)

Ally said...

Yesterday, I wasn't happy for many things, but today, I am happy that it's Friday (!), and that I had a lovely Chai latte this morning on my way to work. :o)

Anonymous said...

There is nothing that gets me smiling more than reading about someone's gratitude! I'm very happy to meet you!

Globetrotting Cacti said...

Hope that Ryans interview went well. Love your hapiness list. I now have a gratitude app on my iPhone which makes me pause and review my activity and happiness on a daily basis.

City Girl said...

Hope that Ryan's interview went well :) and yay on yoga teacher training :)