Thursday, September 17, 2009

to my tea traders

i wanted to send out a big thank you to all of my tea traders. we had 24 lovely ladies to join and participate. i am happy to say that we had tea traders from all over the united states and we were even lucky enough to get one in france and two in the united kingdom! how exciting is that?!

in addition to the tea trade i had a giveaway. congratulations to heather! heather won a tin of tai ping hou kui green tea from teavana's emperor's collection. your tea is in the mail!

i wanted to thank you all again for making the tea trade so much fun. if you didn't get to join in on the tea trading fun hopefully you can join us next time. i am thinking of making this an annual event. this is the perfect time to trade teas because the weather is starting to get cooler & cooler and the days shorter. what perfect way to enjoy a crisp autumn day but with a mug of hot tea.

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C said...

I am so excited to put together my goody bag of tea treats!! Merci Beau Coup for overseeing this!!


Heather said...

Thanks for setting this up. It is such a wonderful idea. I cannot wait for the prize tea and the packet of teas from my trader. So excited! It is definitely perfect timing. Thanks again!

Naturally Jules said...

I'm enjoying a nice cup of tea right now!

Thanks for putting this together, I look forward to putting my goody bag together this weekend - yay!

Ally said...

I agree with the above sentiments -- Thank you so much for organizing this! I cannot wait to put my package together! :o) This will make my favorite season even better!

Karley said...


Thank you so much for doing this. I am so excited to pack up this box of tea and treats for a new friend :)

Thanks again to a sweet lady!


Vienna said...

Ayyyyy! I missed this one. Now that I'm starting feeling again like a human being I hope I can keep up with your blog better!
Excellent idea, Melita.