Tuesday, August 4, 2009


good morning. i am feeling so very grateful this morning. i wanted to share with you what i'm grateful for:
- looking out my window each morning at my gorgeous morning glories that i planted oh so long ago. they are really starting to take off now :)

- starting this morning off with a great breakfast - oatmeal with a fresh, local peach, a dash of cream and a sprinkling of brown sugar - delish!

- the fact that it's quickly becoming harvest time and all of the wonderful, fresh is pouring in. hooray for fresh fruits and veggies

- trying out a different type of melon yesterday - piel de sapo (and it was yummy!)

- feeling confident about taking my workkeys test on thursday morning

- getting nothing but love & support for my "plan b" (only one more part, i promise) thank you SO much!

- the beautiful mums that ryan got for me (pic to come as soon as they are fully in bloom)

- sharing my desk with dooty - i've taken to calling him my muse :)

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Lauren said...

I've never heard of a piel de sapo melon, but it sounds funny because it means frog's skin in Spanish! Hehe

City Girl said...

I love this list - the plants and produce is such a nice reminder that patience really does pay off in happiness :) and where did you get the graphic? It's lovely :)

Self Help Goddess said...

These are so great, Melita!! I also look forward to hearing more about your plan b... I think it sounds fabulous! Can't wait to watch as it unfolds perfectly for you:)