Monday, August 31, 2009

reset button

today i felt as though my reset button had been pressed. i spent three glorious hours at cheat lake today. you could say that i had an extended artist's date :)

i had originally intended to go to a local park but instead felt the need to be near water. so after meeting up with my friend T and his mom for lunch off i set in order to find just the right spot.
my view
my only companion
it was such a perfect day. the sky was gorgeous with scattered puffy white clouds. the sun was warm and the breeze was slightly cool against my skin making for the perfect combination. the lake was fairly quiet except for the occasional boat or jet ski. the squeak of the wooden docks and the splash of the small waves added a nice ambiance.

i was armed with a couple of books and magazines, my planner pad, my journal, lots of water and some hot tea. while i looked briefly at my magazines i mainly used my time to journal, practice reiki, meditate, enjoy the scenery, reflect,breathe and just be. i finished my visit with some sun salutations (carefully as i was on a dock), a meditation and thanks to the universe for carving out such a perfect day for me. it was exactly what i needed.

how about you guys, have you hit your reset button yet?


Sarah said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fantastic time! Haven't hit reset yet, as it is full speed ahead these days.

dawn said...

i haven't but i sure need to. thanks for the nudge. i'm glad you had such a great day!

Profit Money said...

you just made me want to do this!!!

Carolyn said...

Gorgeous pics, Melita!!

Naturally Jules said...

Sounds like a lovely date! I'm almost envious! As far as my reset button...haven't found it yet.

Anonymous said...

looks like you had a lovely time!!!

btw...where did you get that retweet button? i want one for my blog!


when do you want to set up your next mentoring session?

Mindy said...

aahhhh... sounds like a lovely day! i need an artist date soon!

Ally -- Onyx and Alabaster said...

Your pictures are so calming -- love them! I love days like this, when you can finally get a chance to just sit and be. I think my reset button broke off a while ago... need to get it fixed, asap. :o)